Covid Gets Pushed Aside as The Show Goes On with FOCO’s new Mascot Bobbleheads

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has interrupted our lives since March. Going out to eat, going to stores and for us sports fans, has derailed us from going to live baseball games. FOCO realizes that and caters to us fans as they know we will enjoy the game from the comfort our our homes. To make matters BETTER, we can add their newest edition “The Show Goes On” exclusive mascot bobbleheads to bring us all closer to the game to our collections. 

Today, FOCO released the following mascot bobbleheads: Orbit of the Astros, Wally of the Red Sox, TC Bear of the Twins and Slider of the Indians. Orbit is displayed as wearing a face cover and carrying a tray of food in the stands ready to cheer on the Astros to team victory. Wally of the Red Sox is sitting in a seat wearing a team cap and swim trunks alongside fan cutouts. You know he’s ready for the home team to smack a long ball over the Green Monster. TC Bear is straight chillin in a stadium seat wearing his FOCO face mask with a white board displaying the phrase “It’s BOMBA Season”. Next, Slider of the Tribe is always rockin his FOCO face mask along with waving the Indians team logo flag ready to rally the troops.

These just got released and each holds a price tag of $50.00 per bobblehead and has an expected delivery date of no later than December 9th of 2020. Each bobblehead is limited to only 2020 being manufactured. It’s playoff time and more importantly, time to rep your squad in the playoffs. Except my lowly Red Sox.:(


The Ultimate Reward-The Pandemic Krew Receive Their Own Bobblehead

There’s often many “Groups” of fans in all of sports who root for their teams with enormous pride. Pre-game celebrations have been heating up in Philadelphia, as this particular group called “The Phandemic Krew”, is getting their very own bobblehead. The founders Brett MacMinn and Oscar Alvarado started this group by gathering outside of Citizens Bank Park to create all kinds of noise in hopes it draws others to join in. Between air horns, screaming and waving Philly banners, this “Krew” is like no other. Founders, Oscar Alvarado and Brett MacMinn gained tremendous popularity this past summer by displaying how dedicated they are towards their beloved Phillies. “People started to ask for merchandise like t-shirts and face masks, so we decided to create something for our fans”, says MacMinn. 

Soon after, Phillies upper management reached out to our friends at FOCO and both parties came up with an idea for a Phandemic Krew bobblehead. It displays both Oscar Alvarado and Brett MacMinn with their FOCO face covers on creating noise outside of Citizens Bank Park. You can see the gated fence with MacMinn sounding the air horn and Alvarado standing on a silver ladder. And better yet, many of the proceeds will go to Phillies Charities around the Philadelphia area. MacMinn says,” This is something special that we can share as us Phillies fans support our team during this pandemic”. 

These are currently available for pre-order on and hold a price tag of $60.00 and are only limited to only 300. The expected delivery date is no later than December 14th of 2020. Add this feel good story dual bobblehead of two regular dudes who hold a passion for their favorite baseball team to your collection. Click the link below and use code sniper10 at checkout to save some money. 

Philadelphia Phillies Phandemic Krew Bobblehead

Tatis scores his very own “Scoring Machine” Bobblehead

We all have to admit that the Padres are the surprise team thus far in the shortened MLB season. A lot of it has to do with Fernando Tatis and his incredible ability. He’s currently batting a respectful .286 along with 15 long balls and a whopping 46 runs scored. FOCO agrees how dynamic Tatis is and we now are treated to an exclusive “Scoring Machine” bobblehead. 

Tatis is in a swinging action pose which he’s ready to rip a double down the line. The Padres team logo is displayed on the back of the base to show of the fandom of Padres pride. On the front of the backdrop, there’s raised letters that display “The Padre Scoring Machine” considering how many runs he scores.

This is a 8 inch bobblehead and is currently on pre-order with an expected delivery date of no later than December 15th of 2020. It holds a price of $45.00 and when purchasing, make sure to use code sniper10 to save some money when checking out. Click link below as these will be going fast!

Fernando Tatis Jr San Diego Padres Scoring Machine Bobblehead

FOCO Starts the Engines with a Bubba Wallace Race Day Bobblehead

We all know what Bubba’s been through the last several months and I’ll be the first to admit I do not have many Race Car Driver bobbleheads that sit in the Bobble Cave. The popularity of Bubba has gone viral and deservingly so as he’s a top racer within NASCAR. FOCO created a masterpiece by unveiling an official Bubba Wallace Race Day Bobblehead and it’s legit.

Bubba is dressed in a colorful track suit as he’s standing firm next to his car. There’s a Raceway backdrop with Wallace signature display to make you feel like you’re sitting next to him in his car. The road texture is a phenomenal feature on top of the base.


These are available at for $50.00 and will be shipped no later than November 4th of this year. Make sure to use code sniper10 at checkout to save some money. Take your racing fandom to the next level and this exclusive bobblehead to your collection today! Click the link below and use code sniper10. 


The Chicago Dogs believe Ketchup doesn’t belong on a Hot Dog

The ongoing debate of should one put ketchup on a hot dog is everlasting. Most people feel mustard should be the only condiment to be splattered on a dog and NEVER ketchup. The Chicago Dogs as well as the city of Chicago agree that ketchup does not belong on a frankfurter as they showed through a “Ketchup” SGA bobblehead. According to my man Mike McKay who sniped a few of these for me (A big Thank You) stated that every fan in attendance received a bobblehead, so the exact number of how many were made is unknown. 

Given the fact that the Dogs’ mascot is a giant yellow Hot Dog, the promotional department came up with an idea to give out a ketchup bobblehead. This particular one is portrayed as an evil character (hence no ketchup on hot dogs) dressed in a trench coat and mysterious mask. Promotional Adventures manufactured this bobble and created a good one. The base is pretty standard with a square design and the front letters “Ketchup” are raised. The tan trench coat shows definition as there’s a wrinkly, wavy design which is an authentic look. The waist bobbles which was the right thing to do on a bottle of ketchup. Overall, the sturdiness of the bobble is extremely strong and well built. This bobble comes in a standard white box just like the Mike Ditka bobble the Dogs gave out a few weeks earlier. For an Independent League SGA bobblehead, I’m impressed. Well done Promotional Adventures.

Given the pandemic we’re all experiencing, collector’s everywhere should be grateful the Chicago Dogs still continue to give out SGA’s. The 2020 SGA bobblehead market is slim pickens this year so grabbing this Ketchup bobble is a plus. These are currently on Ebay for an affordable price if you’d like to add this one to your collection. Call me crazy but I had to score this bobble for one reason and one reason only. I’ve always put ketchup on my hot dog and will always continue to. I’m not the biggest fan of mustard as I’ll be in the minority by saying there’s nothing better than ketchup on a hot dog.


St. Paul Saints Pay Tribute to the classic movie Caddyshack with a Bobblehead

The most popular golf movie is without a doubt Caddyshack staring Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray back in 1980. The snob-infested country club of Bushwood is where Danny Noonan caddied to raise money for his college tuition and boy what a summer it was. Bill Murray stole the show on many scenes, especially when Mrs. Crane was teeing off and Carl was washing some golf balls. He proceeds to “dirty talk” to himself while motioning the “jerk-off” movement while cleaning some white golf balls. That particular scene was one of many highlights in the movie and the St. Paul Saints promotional department took notice. 

Luckily, this technically wasn’t an SGA bobblehead game rather a “Special Ticket” bobblehead meaning you buy a ticket and you’re guaranteed a Carl Spackler bobblehead. Alexander Global Promotions hit this one out of the park with tremendous detail. Carl is standing next to the ball washer with his black combat boots and shorts on. He’s wearing a plain grey t-shirt with the St. Paul Saints logo sticker on the front. AGP went the distance with Carl’s right hand which bobbles as he’s washing a golf ball to look squeaky clean. In addition, the letters Carl Spackler are raised on the front of the base which you know is an absolute must for me. 

I’d like to thank my man Scott from Minnesota for grabbing me some of these as flying to Minnesota was not in my immediate plans. I was advised only 1,500 of these were manufactured and are currently on Ebay for sale by many collectors. In addition, precision detail is what collectors want and they sure got it with a colorful and very photographic box. On one side it reads one of Carl’s famous quotes. “Mrs. Crane, I’m looking at you…”.

Whoever came up with the idea of a Caddyshack related bobblehead should be applauded and if I’m not mistaken, this is the very first collectible from the movie that’s ever been manufactured. A must have for your collection as Caddyshack is an all-time movie within the comedy world. The question still remains, who will be the next team to release another bobblehead of any character from the hit movie Caddyshack…?