The most popular golf movie is without a doubt Caddyshack staring Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray back in 1980. The snob-infested country club of Bushwood is where Danny Noonan caddied to raise money for his college tuition and boy what a summer it was. Bill Murray stole the show on many scenes, especially when Mrs. Crane was teeing off and Carl was washing some golf balls. He proceeds to “dirty talk” to himself while motioning the “jerk-off” movement while cleaning some white golf balls. That particular scene was one of many highlights in the movie and the St. Paul Saints promotional department took notice. 

Luckily, this technically wasn’t an SGA bobblehead game rather a “Special Ticket” bobblehead meaning you buy a ticket and you’re guaranteed a Carl Spackler bobblehead. Alexander Global Promotions hit this one out of the park with tremendous detail. Carl is standing next to the ball washer with his black combat boots and shorts on. He’s wearing a plain grey t-shirt with the St. Paul Saints logo sticker on the front. AGP went the distance with Carl’s right hand which bobbles as he’s washing a golf ball to look squeaky clean. In addition, the letters Carl Spackler are raised on the front of the base which you know is an absolute must for me. 

I’d like to thank my man Scott from Minnesota for grabbing me some of these as flying to Minnesota was not in my immediate plans. I was advised only 1,500 of these were manufactured and are currently on Ebay for sale by many collectors. In addition, precision detail is what collectors want and they sure got it with a colorful and very photographic box. On one side it reads one of Carl’s famous quotes. “Mrs. Crane, I’m looking at you…”.

Whoever came up with the idea of a Caddyshack related bobblehead should be applauded and if I’m not mistaken, this is the very first collectible from the movie that’s ever been manufactured. A must have for your collection as Caddyshack is an all-time movie within the comedy world. The question still remains, who will be the next team to release another bobblehead of any character from the hit movie Caddyshack…?