The ongoing debate of should one put ketchup on a hot dog is everlasting. Most people feel mustard should be the only condiment to be splattered on a dog and NEVER ketchup. The Chicago Dogs as well as the city of Chicago agree that ketchup does not belong on a frankfurter as they showed through a “Ketchup” SGA bobblehead. According to my man Mike McKay who sniped a few of these for me (A big Thank You) stated that every fan in attendance received a bobblehead, so the exact number of how many were made is unknown. 

Given the fact that the Dogs’ mascot is a giant yellow Hot Dog, the promotional department came up with an idea to give out a ketchup bobblehead. This particular one is portrayed as an evil character (hence no ketchup on hot dogs) dressed in a trench coat and mysterious mask. Promotional Adventures manufactured this bobble and created a good one. The base is pretty standard with a square design and the front letters “Ketchup” are raised. The tan trench coat shows definition as there’s a wrinkly, wavy design which is an authentic look. The waist bobbles which was the right thing to do on a bottle of ketchup. Overall, the sturdiness of the bobble is extremely strong and well built. This bobble comes in a standard white box just like the Mike Ditka bobble the Dogs gave out a few weeks earlier. For an Independent League SGA bobblehead, I’m impressed. Well done Promotional Adventures.

Given the pandemic we’re all experiencing, collector’s everywhere should be grateful the Chicago Dogs still continue to give out SGA’s. The 2020 SGA bobblehead market is slim pickens this year so grabbing this Ketchup bobble is a plus. These are currently on Ebay for an affordable price if you’d like to add this one to your collection. Call me crazy but I had to score this bobble for one reason and one reason only. I’ve always put ketchup on my hot dog and will always continue to. I’m not the biggest fan of mustard as I’ll be in the minority by saying there’s nothing better than ketchup on a hot dog.