Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has interrupted our lives since March. Going out to eat, going to stores and for us sports fans, has derailed us from going to live baseball games. FOCO realizes that and caters to us fans as they know we will enjoy the game from the comfort our our homes. To make matters BETTER, we can add their newest edition “The Show Goes On” exclusive mascot bobbleheads to bring us all closer to the game to our collections. 

Today, FOCO released the following mascot bobbleheads: Orbit of the Astros, Wally of the Red Sox, TC Bear of the Twins and Slider of the Indians. Orbit is displayed as wearing a face cover and carrying a tray of food in the stands ready to cheer on the Astros to team victory. Wally of the Red Sox is sitting in a seat wearing a team cap and swim trunks alongside fan cutouts. You know he’s ready for the home team to smack a long ball over the Green Monster. TC Bear is straight chillin in a stadium seat wearing his FOCO face mask with a white board displaying the phrase “It’s BOMBA Season”. Next, Slider of the Tribe is always rockin his FOCO face mask along with waving the Indians team logo flag ready to rally the troops.

These just got released and each holds a price tag of $50.00 per bobblehead and has an expected delivery date of no later than December 9th of 2020. Each bobblehead is limited to only 2020 being manufactured. It’s playoff time and more importantly, time to rep your squad in the playoffs. Except my lowly Red Sox.:(