There’s often many “Groups” of fans in all of sports who root for their teams with enormous pride. Pre-game celebrations have been heating up in Philadelphia, as this particular group called “The Phandemic Krew”, is getting their very own bobblehead. The founders Brett MacMinn and Oscar Alvarado started this group by gathering outside of Citizens Bank Park to create all kinds of noise in hopes it draws others to join in. Between air horns, screaming and waving Philly banners, this “Krew” is like no other. Founders, Oscar Alvarado and Brett MacMinn gained tremendous popularity this past summer by displaying how dedicated they are towards their beloved Phillies. “People started to ask for merchandise like t-shirts and face masks, so we decided to create something for our fans”, says MacMinn. 

Soon after, Phillies upper management reached out to our friends at FOCO and both parties came up with an idea for a Phandemic Krew bobblehead. It displays both Oscar Alvarado and Brett MacMinn with their FOCO face covers on creating noise outside of Citizens Bank Park. You can see the gated fence with MacMinn sounding the air horn and Alvarado standing on a silver ladder. And better yet, many of the proceeds will go to Phillies Charities around the Philadelphia area. MacMinn says,” This is something special that we can share as us Phillies fans support our team during this pandemic”. 

These are currently available for pre-order on and hold a price tag of $60.00 and are only limited to only 300. The expected delivery date is no later than December 14th of 2020. Add this feel good story dual bobblehead of two regular dudes who hold a passion for their favorite baseball team to your collection. Click the link below and use code sniper10 at checkout to save some money. 

Philadelphia Phillies Phandemic Krew Bobblehead