Bobble of the Day

Player: Jacob DeGrom

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

So he were are after the shit show at Citi Field and the bullshit security. I ranted about it after I did my sniping and would rather now address the bobblehead itself. 

This giveaway didn’t have any surprises to it. I guess the coolest aspect of the design is DeGrom with the glove covering his mouth as he stares down the hitter. That’s his thing and it does look legit. The base is standard just like every SGA the Mets hand out. Ford actually sponsored this one instead of Delta which is good cause I’m tired of Delta. Maybe they came to terms that their sales have not increased by sponsoring every fucking Mets bobblehead imaginable. As, you can see, the sponsor emblem is not glued in right and looks terrible. This was a half ass quick job BD&A and there’s more. A lot more.

The lettering is raised but all the colors once again are smudged together. Typical Mets lettering and we can expect this on every level. The facial features are a soft 4 as it really doesn’t look like Jake. He looks like an 8 year old boy and BD&A failed this one. 

We also see normal paint chips and smudges all over the place. The extra globs of glue look atrocious and overall super disappointed once again.



Sniper Rating: It’s a god damn shame that the Mets have a starting pitcher who has the lowest ERA in Major League Baseball and they clown him by manufacturing such a terrible product. I really wish I never went to this game. This may be the final straw with me and the Mets. Unless they come out with a bobble that blows my dick over the moon, I most likely won’t attend any more bobblehead SGA games. My time is to precious to me and my family and there’s nothing worse than wasting time. And I feel I wasted my time. This Jacob DeGrom New York Mets bobblehead scores a 4.5 rating. 

P.S. It sure does look like the Harvey and DeGrom bobbles look very similar. One has a clenched fist and the other has his arms up. Same leg design and same shitty paint and glue job. Disgusting.