Bobble of the Day

Police officer: Steve Horgan

Team: Lowell Spinners

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Promotions

You all know the story and better yet, the image. Steve Horgan gained national attention when he raised his arms in celebration as Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter flipped over the bullpen wall unsuccessfully trying to haul in David Ortiz’s game-tying grand slam in the 2013 ALCS at Fenway Park. The crowd went bizerk and once again, Big Papi delivered the big blow. 

The Red Sox gave out the original Steve Horgan bobble a few years ago, and now the Lowell Spinners paid tribute to the icon himself last week. 

This time around, the Spinners added Tori Hunter’s half body going over the right field wall. Big Steve is in his normal pose and when someone hits a homerun his right hand is open and left hand clenched. That’s his thing. It’s different, yet iconic. Of course he’s dressed in his Boston Police uniform and he actually has his black gun on the back left side of his waist band. Really dope feature and I would have never guessed the Spinners would allow that but they did. For some odd reason, the Spinners apparently never got the rights from the Boston Police Department to add the logo of the Police Department on his cap. It’s just a plain old silver patch on the front which looks kind of dull. 

The obvious addition of Tori Hunter falling over is a huge plus on this collectible  It’s almost like you’re getting a bobble and a half within the box. AGP included his exact tipped over stance and matched the color of his cleats perfectly. 

Now to the obvious negatives. The wall is very large on this bobblehead and I’m not one to complain about the sponsors on bobbleheads, but this needs to be addressed. rtn Federal Credit Union? The fuck is that? It practically takes up the entire bobblehead and I get that it’s a local credit union in Lowell Massachusetts, but who in their right mind wants to look at that? I’d be much happier if it was Dunkin Donuts or even better yet W.B Mason. rtn federal credit union? Come on! 

The last thing that pissess me off regarding this bobble, is the fact that AGP had a difficult time fitting Steve’s feet into the base flush. They only have one slot for his right foot and I have several these and they are all loose. Steve Horgan wiggles around like a mother fucker and a poor design was made here Snipers.




Sniper Rating: Let it be told, is this a “must have” bobblehead to add to your collection? Yes. The only reason is for the sentimental value of the play that broke the hearts of Tigers fans and brought a tremendous amount of cheer to the Red Sox faithful. The features are great but that sponsor sign is a huge eye sore and the fact that Steve wiggles around and does not stand flush, irritates me like you have no idea. When creating a bobblehead like this, it needs to be perfect and it’s not. AGP failed us and the Lowell Spinners failed us. The Spinners have the ultimate last say before 1,000 were placed into production and they over looked this flaw big time. Should you score this? Absolutely. But know in the back of your mind that these flaws will be present when opening the box. Overall, this Steve Horgan Boston Police officer SGA bobblehead scores a 6.5. I’m literally torn as I love the theme but hate the final product.