Bobble of the Day

Player: Saquon Barkley

Team: New York Giants

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Thank God the Giants got a high pick in the draft as I was unable to withstand the bitching and moaning from fans on talk radio over here on the East Coast. Unfortunately, I and many others are continually hearing the same cry babies to this day and it’s bad.

The GMEN took Saquon at #2 in hopes he will be their lead back for the next decade. They damn well made a great decision as this dude is the real fucking deal. Have you ever seen this guys legs? They look like 2 foot steel beams that are absolutely indestructible. Try giving this fucking guy a Charlie Horse and your knuckles will shatter right up through your forearm.

So yes, Saquon is good. He runs with speed and massive power and he catches balls out in the flat. He’s an absolute dream to own as a Fantasy Football player. What’s even better is his Draft Day bobblehead.

Now before you assume this is like any other Draft Day bobble, think again. It’s different in many ways and here’s why. The generic base and overall stance is identical to previous years, but FOCO added some swag to this year’s edition. Saquon is rocking the hat that some shemp handed him before he walked up to the stage and it’s got the phrase, “Big Blue” on the front. Yes, it could just had the New York Giants logo on it but no, FOCO wants to keep us collector’s engaged.




Sniper Rating: Given the fact that the facial features are spot on and the suit Saquon’s wearing is pinpoint clean, this is a must have in your collection. It’s super sturdy, well built and even the phrase on the box that reads “The Future is now” is legit as fuck. That phrase alone should be your incentive to score this. We all know that Saquon Barkley will be the New York Giants franchise player at some point and his talent alone should raise red flags for you to add this to your NFL bobblehead collection. A stand up 9.5 rating is what Saquon receives.