Bobble of the Day

Player: Ricky Vaughn

Team: Akron Rubberducks

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Destroyer Promotions

Besides the Mariano Rivera “Captain America” SGA bobble, this Wild Thing Vaughn is right up there in anticipation for the 2019 season for fans. We all know the movie Major League as it’s arguably the best baseball movie ever created. Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn is a fan favorite and everybody loves him. To date, this is only the 3rd Vaughn bobblehead ever manufactured. The other two are extremely difficult to find and if you do find either or, it’s gonna cost you a half your paycheck. 

I hate to say it but this is a borderline mini bobble. It’s small as shit and I wish it was taller. Now, the raised letters on the front of the base is dynamite and Ricky’s stance looking in for the pitch is pinpoint. Next, I love that Destroyer Promotions put on his black glasses with the silver skull right in the middle. The facial features are dead spot on and the crazy mohawk haircut that bleeds out of the back of his hat is as deluxe as it comes. 


Sniper Rating: This absolutely needs to be in your collection. It’s a great conversation piece and it’s the best fucking baseball movie by far. The Wild Thing is a loose cannon and 10 years down the road this will become an “iconic” bobblehead. Trust me. I’m deducting a small margin on the score because the height is much shorter than I expected. I thought the Rubberducks would kick in a few extra bucks to make this at least 6-7 inches tall. Get this one now as the price will only increase. Do not be patient on this one. I repeat, do not be patient as current Ebay prices is the best you’re ever going to see. Ricky the Wild Thing Vaughn scores a 9.2.