Bobble of the Day

Player: Mike Trout

Team: Inland Empire 66ers of San Bernardino

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Promotions

It’s been a minute since the last Mike Trout bobblehead was given out. As I’ve blogged before, Mike Trout has a gazillion bobbleheads that include retail and SGA. It’s 100% normal, as being the best player on the planet dictates so. The Inland Empire 66ers released a Trout last month of him in a hitting stance and now we have a wall catch pose. Any wall catch bobble of Trout is warranted in your collection. It doesn’t matter if it’s MLB or MILB, it’s a must. 

So the Empires stay true to their baby blue colored base and I think it’s the best colored base in the world. His name comes with raised letters and really pops off the light blue color base. His entire body is glued dick tight against the wall to avoid breakage. Genius idea by the 66ers. The uniform itself is flashy as fuck as there’s baby blue strips all over and the bottom of his white cleats show a nice red color that stands out. 

Sniper Rating: I typically critique the piss out of sponsor emblems if they get in the way or they are just stupid. For some reason, this SUNERGY Construction Inc. goes well with the hunter green wall. I have no issues with it and one has to assume SUNERGY paid a fuck load of dinero to slap their name on front of the wall that Trout is catching a ball on.




A classic Mike Trout bobblehead with him climbing to catch a ball off a wall. Given the sturdiness and pop to it, this Mike Trout Inland Empire 66ers bobblehead scores a knockout 10.0. Well done by AGP and they sure as hell didn’t half ass it with the box either. It’s completely juiced with photos and bright colors. Grab this collectible Snipers as over time, it will be that much harder to score.