Bobble of the Day

Player: Cody Bellinger

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: BDA

Listen, I’m not going to write a blog or record a Vlog every time a Dodger bobble gets handed out because there’s way too fucking many. Also, the quality of them over the years have been beyond piss poor. I’ll do the “good” current players but not the Hall of Fame guys from 1960. There’s close to 18 being given away this year and I flat out don’t have the time but better yet, I just don’t want to. 18 is fucking outrageous and the Dodgers are single handily destroying fans wallets by having them spend money to attend every single game to get their bobblehead.

So on to the recent Cody bobble. It’s basically the same shit as the Walker Buehler. There’s some paint chips and some glue globs over the body and the resin material just feels cheap as fuck. I feel like if I were to snap the legs in half, the white resin mold would flutter in the air like LeBron tossing the talcum powder at the announcers table. The head on this Bellinger is drastically over sized for some reason. It looks like they grabbed a fucking watermelon and threw it on his neck. BDA also made Cody’s face look like a 8 year lactose intolerant old kid running after an ice cream truck.

Sniper Rating: The good aspects of this bobble are obviously the raised letters on the base and jersey name. The letters are very visible and anyone can read what they say. The box does have a clear open shell for the collector to easily see and there’s a few colorful photo’s that are eye catching.

I’m gonna put most of the blame on the Dodgers this time and leave BDA alone. BDA has to produce 25,000 of these fucking things and when the factories are backed up in China with a zillion other teams for BDA to make bobbles for, the quality suffers. The fucking Dodgers need to cut the number of bobbles they hand out to 6-8 per year. On top of that, they need to give out 15,00 and not 25,000. 25k just like the Mets is way too many and if fans can’t get to the stadium on time to receive one of the first 15k, then they don’t deserve one. 

The Dodgers take the hit on the quality of this Bellinger bobble as BDA did what they could to make 25k in a hurry. If you’re a Dodger fan grab this one. If you’re not a Dodgers fan than pass and save your money. As a result of the Dodgers promotional department, this Cody Bellinger bobblehead scores mediocre 5.5 rating.