Bobble of the Day

Character: Clark Griswold

Team: Kane County Cougars

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Success Promotions 

In a nation filled with teams who give out player and mascot bobbles, it’s always a special treat to get handed a movie character bobble. There’s very little to blog about this Clark Griswold bobble, as just looking at it should convince you it’s deluxe as fuck. 

I’m still debating which is a better Xmas movie; Christmas Vacation, Home Alone or A Christmas Story. I will throw down and say Clark Griswold is the best character by a long shot. The Kane County Cougars brought the fuckin heat again and handed out Sir Clark himself a few weeks ago. 

What’s there not to like? The Santa coat with the dangling hat is as pure as a fresh piece of fruit. I loooooove the Cougars logo and it sits flush on top of the base. The color combinations they have are super boner eye popping. Clark’s full name has raised white letters that are crazy easy to read, right on the front of the base. And lastly, the facial features cannot be more spot on. Clark is displaying his “What the fuck” snarl and Success Promotions absolutely nailed it. 




Sniper Rating: Not only does Clark need to be in your display cabinet, but it needs to be out and about around Xmas time. Front and center on the mantle so you can get a few chuckles out of Uncle Larry. It’s a phenomenal conversation piece and you should pat yourself on the back for scoring this. This Kane County Cougars Clark Griswold bobblehead without question scores a 9.5. Only reason for deducting a half a point is the standard white box. I know it’s more cost effective to go with the plain white, but the Cougars may surprise us one day with a glossy colored box. As long as the Cougars continue to hold their contract with Success Promotions, we are all in for a treat for many years to come.