Bobble of the Day

Character: Chewbacca

Team: Seattle Mariners

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: BD&A

Listen, you all know I’m not a Star Wars fan, as I only used to watch the first movie because Princess Leia was smoking hot and I got a chubby from her. But other than that, I haven’t boughten into the Star Wars thing. Teams and organizations have been pumping out Star Wars bobbles for years now and for only one reason. The following is gigantic and it puts fans in seats. Bottom line. It’s a great tactic but it’s slowly getting tiresome. 

The Mariners held a “Special Ticket” event for this Chewbacca bobble and I was fortunate enough that my man Jordan got his mitts on a few. A very special thanks to my friend for the hookup. 

If I were to choose any character from the movie series, it’s gotta be Chewy. A fictional character who’s fucking taller than a tree and is hairy from head to toe. Let alone, he has the best grunt/sound effect known to man. I’m sure you have a friend who can make the Chewy sound perfectly and it’s hysterical every time.

So BD&A out in Washington manufactured this bobble and I have strong opinions on other Chewy bobbles this year being given out, but I’ll save that for another blog. I wanted this one more than any others because the yellow raised letting pops the most. The base has a swag filled navy blue tint to it along with the Star Wars Night emblem on the front. Chewy is standing there with a light brown/orange color to him just like he looks in the movie. It’s a standard pose but a strong pose. Meaning it’s fucking Chewbacca!




Sniper Rating: I love the box design with colorful photo’s of Chewy and the bright lettering is super eye-catching. The Mariners along with BD&A should be applauded on this special ticket event bobble. There’s literally nothing wrong with it. If you don’t want to open your wallet to the million other Chewbacca bobbles being given out this year, fork over $60.00 bones and score it on Ebay. The other ones won’t do justice against this one. The Seattle Mariners Star Wars Night Chewbacca bobblehead scores a lights out 10.0 rating.