Bobble of the Day

Player/Mascot: Alex Bregman/Orbit

Team: Houston Astros

Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

As you already know, Alex Bregman is a sure fire stud for the Astros and their mascot Orbit is no slouch either. To utterly think the two of them on a single bobblehead together is an insane concept. I think most of us have had a locomotive train set back in the day that we opened up Christmas morning. To say this train that Bregman and Orbit are posing on is inferior to our train sets back in the 80’s, is foolish.

FOCO once again applied a tremendous amount of creativity to this highly collectible bobblehead. The train itself is laced with multiple colors with Bregman’s name on the front and the gold colored caboose. But FOCO didn’t stop there as what’s a train without a train track? The engraving of the tracks are colored white with a tint of faded green. Bregman is sitting in a swag position with a ball and glove in hand while Orbit is flexing his left arm as he knows he’s a top 5 mascot in MLB.

Sniper Rating: Listen, I’ve seen the themed Bobbles of the Month that the Astros team store sells once per month. They are cute. This duel bobble is superior and on another level. Astro fans are gawking over this and rightfully so, as they love their mascot and they love the sarcastic personality of Alex Bregman. Oh, and this one on is $40.00 less than the Bobbles of the Month that are sold in the team store. Bregman is only getting better and Orbit is as cocky as they come.

A slight nudge on the overall rating as I would have loved to see Alex Bregman’s name in raised letters but beggars can’t be choosers. I’d be literally begging my parents to score me this if I was a teenager without a credit card. Without a doubt a 9.4 rating. Click the link below to purchase as it’s currently on pre-sale as greatness takes time. Expected delivery date is early September, right before the Stros enter the playoffs. 

Alex Bregman & Orbit Houston Astros Dual Bobblehead