Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Tarheel

Team: University of North Carolina 

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So recently, the Bobblehead Hall of Fame came out with a series of college basketball schools who have won multiple championships and decided to use the schools mascot for a bobblehead. Great idea by my friend Phil over at the Hall of Fame.

Today we will highlight the UNC Tarheels of North Carolina. This one is killer because I’ve always have loved the color baby blue on UNC. Even when Jordan played there, I love that color. Mr. Tarheel himself is standing on the UNC base while holding 2 of UNC’s 5 championships. That’s a shit load of titles to win never mind winning just one. The trophies are on the base are very sturdy and of high quality. Phil over at the Bobblehead Hall must be reading these Bobble of the Day blogs because there are raised letters of the school on the front of the base! Well done Phil. The letters are white and not half assed with stickers. The actual letters stick pretty far out than most which makes it a little more authentic. 

The back side of the base displays the years’ UNC has one titles with the NCAA logo on the bottom.



Sniper Rating: The overall design on this one is spectacular. Everything from the trophies to the colors and the precise representation of the Tarheel mascot is boss. Lastly, these were only limited to just under 250 ever made so I would head over to the bobblehead hall website and scoop one up before they are all gone. UNC is in the top 3 college basketball programs year in and year out and this is definitely a must have in your collection.

Mr. Tarheel and his UNC limited edition bobblehead scores a perfect 10.0.