Bobble of the Day

Player: Tom Brady

Team: New England Patriots 

Year: 2004

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Tom Brady and the Patriots have won so many fucking Super Bowls, it’s very hard to keep track of. There’s so many exclusive bobbles of Brady and if you’re a fan of him, your wallet can be empty very fast. This one highlights Brady winning his 3rd Super Bowl in 2004 by beating the Eagles 24-21. 

This one has to be one of my favorite Brady bobbles as it’s covered from head to toe with detail. First things first, is the fact that he’s shoving his Super Bowl rings in the face of every team and player in the NFL. Just standing there with both arms up and putting the 3 fingers in the air like a fucking boss! The uniform is standard white and navy blue but what makes this bobble fresh is the base. He’s literally standing on 3X and there sits all 3 rings right in front. It’s an absolute killer design as the rings are a goldish color with the 3X in shiny silver. Brady’s name is in white and has raised letters on the front along with the Patriots logo in the corner. 



Sniper Rating: This one is a must have and yes, I know a lot of people hate Brady and the Pats because they win so much, but the fact of the matter is, Brady is an All-Time quarterback and there’s no denying that. For his 3rd Championship, this bobble takes the prize. Tons of detail and even the box is filled with colorful designs. Mr. Brady and his Super Bowl XXXIX bobble scores a 9.5.