Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Southpaw

Team: Chicago White Sox

Year: 2106

Theme: Star Wars Night

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Productions (AGP)

So I’ve been waiting to do a Star Wars “Bobble of the Day” as I have a bunch of them. I got this one in the mail a few days ago so I figured since it’s a new one let’s give it a go. I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan so my explanation as to why will be in full detail in another blog soon to come. 

Southpaw is a very underrated mascot in the game of baseball. The White Sox reside on the South Side of Chicago and this furry, green little creature should be getting more attention than it does. I love the color green and Southpaw fits the bill. He’s fully dressed in the Jedi Knight cloak and is waving the baby blue light saber around. The detail on this one is sick. The color variations are remarkable. Southpaw is wearing the black pinstripe uniform, the brown cloak on his back, the greenish/yellowish fur on his arms and head and of course the baby blue light saber. The lettering on the front states, “SOUTHPAW JEDI KNIGHT” and on the back is STAR WARS NIGHT 2016. The box on all 4 sides have multiple photos of the Jedi Knight and is full of various colors which I think makes the bobble that much more collectible. When you receive an SGA from a game, it is ALWAYS an added plus when the box is filled with colors instead of your standard shitty white box. AGP definitely put some thought into this one. Well done. 

Sniper Rating: As stated above, I am not one of those Star Wars fanatics, but this one is a must add to any collection. I’ve never actually seen a full movie of Star Wars. One thing I do know is that when you see that Light Saber in a character’s hands, you better back the fuck up. I’m sure fans on the South Side who went to this game were going ape shit over this giveaway. I’m almost positive that any Stars Wars fan around the world wants this to add to their collection. The greenish/yellowish color of Southpaw’s fur is as eye-catching as Kaeperdick sitting down for the National Anthem. Given, I’m not a Star Wars fan the rating on this bobble slips a bit, but there’s no doubt this is one of my favorite Star Wars bobbles that sits quietly in the “Bobble Cave”.  8.0