Bobble of the Day

Player: Rickey Henderson

Team: Oakland Athletics 

Year: 2011

Manufacturer: BD&A

The All-Time steals leader ladies and gents. What team this day and age wouldn’t want Rickey on their squad. The dude was an absolute stud and he hit for power with a shit load of dingers. This may well be my favorite A’s SGA given out. 

First things first here Snipers, I have never seen such a monumental pose on a bobble before. Rickey is just flat out screaming confidence as he holds the base the he stole to become the All-time steals leader. There is more detail in this one than a Ferrari from head to toe! The base is dope because is shows part grass part dirt infield. His letter name is raised and sits up nicely against the A’s green backdrop. I dig the bright yellow socks and the fact that BD&A made his uniform jersey and pants dirty is such a boss move! The black batting gloves with the lime green fingers is a superb look. And of course the all black sun glasses makes this one a historical bobblehead. 



Sniper Rating: I’m going to be frank here. If you don’t own this one and you’re a true collector, then your an asshole. I don’t care if you’re a “young buck” and never saw Rickey play, you get this one. Get your paycheck on Friday morning, search Ebay for it, and cough up the $120.00 for it. I highly advise it. This is a sure fire conversation starter and needs to be in the front of your Curio Cabinet with the light shining bright on it. My only gripe about this one is the stupid sponsor emblem on the front. A bobble of this caliber should not have a sponsor. Usually, I don’t mind sponsor emblems, but this one pisses me off for some reason. It takes a little “eye action” away from the incredible bobble but it’s something we’ll have to deal with. Without question, Rickey and his base stealing bobble scores a 9.5. Sponsor emblem gone, it’s a perfect 10.