Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Penn State “Nittany Lion”

Team: Penn State Nittany Lions

Year: 2002

Manufacturer: Bobble Dobbles

So college football is in full swing and the playoffs are closing in. Penn State has cleared all of the negative energy out from under them with the creepo Sandusky and the so called “legend” Joe Paterno. There program is firing on all cylinders and a lot has to do with the Nittany Lion. He’s always there to root on the team and to fire up the crowd and this is why he deserves a “Bobble of the Day” blog.

First of all, Bobble Dobbles makes excellent bobbleheads. They are always sturdy and the detail is tremendous. On this one in particular, the lion is dressed from head to toe with a light brown color and black shoes. I like how Bobble Dobbles has him holding a football as it is football season. The scarf is a definite added plus as it’s probably very chilly at most games in Penn State country. The base is pretty standard as an oval with raised “Penn State” letters which I like.


img_2535 img_2536



Sniper Rating: All signs point to this Nittany Lions bobble as a homerun. Whether you like Penn State or not and more importantly if you’re a college football fan, this is a must have in your collection. Lastly, I love the clear visible box to show off the bobble from a distance. Almost around the entire box there are logo’s that represent college football and the color combinations of navy blue and light blue really pop. This mascot of Nittany Lion is nothing short of a 8.5.