Bobble of the Day

Player: Ozzie Smith

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Fucking Ozzie Smith. Granted, I’ve never met him, word on the street is this dude is probably the nicest person in the universe. Always happy and smiling. People told me when I was in Cooperstown a few months ago that he’s the most down to earth guy and always is in a positive mood. A lot of you young bucks never had the chance to watch Ozzie, but he didn’t earn the name the “Wizzard” for nothing. Just running out there to shortstop doing back flips and shit. Anyway, FOCO came out with a series of “Newspaper” base bobbleheads back in 2014 and it was a smart move by them. Only a select few of players were made with the base replicating a “Newspaper” and Ozzie was one of them. On the base it reads, “The Wizzard is Pure Magic” and below that it reads, “Smith Wins 13th Fielding Award” meaning Gold Glove. There’s also a bright picture of Ozzie on the right side as he’s ready to throw a runner out at first. His stance is pretty fresh as he’s in motion to scoop a ground ball in the hole. The uniform is very detailed with the Cardinals logo on his jersey and pinstripes throughout the socks and arm sleeves. His cleats are bright red and pop very well with the all red ball cap. 


Sniper Rating: Ozzie and this newspaper base belongs in your collection as he’s probably the smoothest fielder Major League Baseball has seen. Given the detail and especially the crinkles in the base as a newspaper, it’s a sure fire must have. Grab a piece of history with Ozzie making a play in the hole and show it off to your company when they come over for the upcoming holidays. Trust me, they’ll LOVE it! The Wizzard gets a 9.0 rating.

PS- In addition to the bobble, the box is fresh as hell. All sides are splattered with newspaper headlines which makes the actual bobble that much more attractive. 

PPS- Here’s a look at greatness.