Bobble of the Day

Player: Ozzie Smith

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

So this year (2016) FOCO came out with a line of player bobbles that have their name and numbers on the back of stand up wall. They’ve made current players and a select few of the older players who made the Baseball Hall of Fame. I personally like this Ozzie Smith one the best for various reasons. The Wizard was the smoothest infielder to every play the game and he’s a huge fan favorite. Anybody that has ever had the chance to see Ozzie play knows how good he was.

The first thing that attracts the eye to this one is his follow through swing. It’s smooth, it’s clean and it displays great detail. He’s wearing a home uniform in white with very intrinsic detail with the red and blue pinstripes on his jersey and down the pant leg. I love the old school stir ups he’s wearing as that was a popular look in that era. The red cleats are on fire but I would have liked if FOCO put on matching red batting gloves to correspond with the rest of the uni. The helmet is very sturdy and has the Cardinals decal on the front. His facial hair, highlighting his beard is as accurate as they come. It looks identical to Ozzie in real life. The back base I know is the 2016 look but I could do without it. In my opinion it looks kind of blah but I know manufacturers have to come up with new ideas every year. Lastly, the Cooperstown Hall of Fame logo emblem placed on the front is boss. It just shows how good he was and the fact that he’s in the HOF says it all. 

img_2569  img_2571

img_2573  img_2575


Sniper Rating: This is one bobble that belongs in your Curio. Between the color combinations, the fresh batting stance and the fact that it’s the Wizzard says enough. Very limited release on this one as I can surely see it only going up in value in a short time. A+ job by Forever Collectibles as Ozzie scores a 9.5.

PS. The box is has a wide range of colors and has the “Cooperstown Collection” splattered all over the place which almost makes me want to keep it in the box!