Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Mr. Met

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

No surprise here that the Bobble Hall had a Mr. Met Championship trophy bobblehead made. The fanbase of the Mets is like a fucking cult. They are beyond diehard fans who ride and die with their team no matter how good or bad they play. They always fill the seats at Citi and given the fact that Mr. Met is the most popular mascot in the game, it’s hard not to root for the Mets. 

I’m honestly dead shocked that the “Sold Out” sign is not next to this bobblehead on the Bobble Hall of Fame website yet. With only 1,000 made, I have a feeling after I post this blog, they will be sold out. It just shows how high the demand is for any Mr. Met bobblehead. It’s down right incredible. 

So the Mets won the whole damn think in 69 and of course 86, by beating my Red Sox. Mr. Met is highlighted on this bobble by holding both World Series trophies like a stud. Mr. Met doesn’t fuck around. He’s cocky and he knows it. Fans adore him and I don’t blame them. I love the orange, blue and white color combinations that are  displayed in the logo on the top of the base. There’s something about those 3 colors together that get my juices flowing. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but together they look kick ass. The Mets team name rides across the front of the base with white raised letters. The font that FOCO uses for their lettering is insanely eye catching and I hope they never change it.




Sniper Rating: Let’s be real right now. Who doesn’t like a mascot that has a baseball for a head? No one. The red baseball stitching on Mr. Met’s head is as original as a ham sandwich. It never gets old and fans flock to Mr. Met. Given the fact that the back banner has all 3 of the previous mentioned colors, and has the 2 years the Mets won the title, this New York Mets championship bobble is the real deal. It’s actually foolish if you haven’t already ordered it by now. I’d give it just a few more days until we see the “Sold Out” sign, as that’s how popular and deluxe this bobblehead is.  I can only recommend what I like and what a “must have” is, but I cannot buy it for you. That’s your job. Mr. Met scores a knockout game changing 10.0 rating. 

Here’s the link to purchase. Your welcome. 

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