Bobble of the Day

Napoleon Dynamite 

Year: 2005

Manufactuer: NECA

Let’s start off by saying this is a classic movie but I don’t know why. I’ve watched this movie over a zillion times and it’s more fucking hilarious the more I watch it. I don’t really understand the movie because it’s got a shit plot but there’s so many scenes that are belly laughable you can’t change the channel. Whether it’s Napoleon, Kip, Uncle Rico or Pedro, the movie is so funny you’ll piss your pants. I think we all know some stiff we went to high school with who we can relate Napoleon’s character to. I personally think the best part is when Uncle Rico shows off his laser arm and throws the hunk of steak at Napoleons’ grill as he’s riding his bike with Pedro on the back. It gets me every time ok. 



Now on to the bobble. The first thing I notice is the spring is extremely tight and the head doesn’t bobble to well. On the base, lies all of Napoleon’s gadgets including his tator tots, vote Pedro pin, numb chucks and his pencil and drawing pad. 

His hair, outfit, glasses, teeth and snow boots are spot on. This bobble without a doubt depicts Napoleon to the highest heavens. Also, the box on all 4 sides show so many quotes and pictures from the movie, it’s a must have.  If this happens to lay on your desk at work and any co-worker with a sense of humor that has seen this movie will laugh and think it’s a killer item. 

Sniper Rating: This isn’t your typical sports bobblehead but a comedy one. I love this one in my collection because I love the movie so fucking much. I don’t have many movie bobbles in my collection but I highly advise any Sniper to add this one. A highly comical movie, a funny character and an overall quality bobble. It loses a few points given the spring is way to tight and barley bobbles (Maybe it’s just mine). Napoleon gets a 8.0 rating.