Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Mr. Redlegs 2016 Opening Day

Team: Cincinnati Reds

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

First of all, this is the 1st ever Mascot Bobble of the Day review. Secondly, Mr. Redlegs is one of the most underrated Mascot’s in Major League Baseball. Period. “Mr. Red” first appeared in 1955 on the Reds uniform sleeves as a “patch”. As years went on the Reds adopted 2 other mascots; Gapper and Rosie Red. The Reds need to settle down a bit. There’s no need for 3 fucking mascots on a Major League Baseball team. It’s nonsense. Stick with one. Stick with Mr. Redlegs. To this day I don’t and won’t ever own any Gapper or Rosie Red bobbles.

This 2016 Opening Day bobble is definitely a sweet ass one. The foam finger (that bobbles) reading #1 fan is unique as shit. The Opening Day ticket with string hanging from his neck is boss and him holding a variety of food and beverage just makes you want to go to a ball game. Although, there probably is a soda pop in that tray he’s holding, I’d like to see a nice crafty in there.

It’s a very sturdy bobble and not only does the neck bobble(as it should) his mustache bobbles which is cool as hell. The American circle flags draped on the top of the box makes this one even more attractive to the eye. The price is steep at ($74.99) but well worth it. It looks very eye-catching on display.

Sniper rating: FOCO did not fuck around on this one. The stitching of the baseball on Mr. Redlegs head to the creativity of the props in each hand delivers a great collectible for any fan of baseball; not just Reds fans. Considering they are quite difficult to obtain one, Mr. Redlegs Opening Day 2016 bobble deserves a rating of a 8.5. A nice crafty in his hand however would bump it up to 9.5