Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Mr. Met

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles (Bobble of the Month)

The Mets in their 2nd consecutive year came out with the Bobble of the Month series. Only available at the Mets team store at Citi Field. This one sold extremely fast! Mr. Met “Subway Series” for the month of September. Limited to only 150 made by FOCO. This is one of the coolest bobbles I own. Mr. Met is holding a Subway dividing the Yankees and Mets. Over here on the East Coast fans take this rivalry serious. I could care less as I’m a Sox fan but this is about as dope as it gets. The back base shows the Mets and Yankee logo as well as the 4 and 7 line to get to each ballpark. Mr. Met is rocking the pinstripe uniform and the base is a shiny silver color. The lettering on the front displays “Subway Series”. 


Sniper rating: I’m not a fan of either team as I’m a Sox fan (as stated above), but this one catches the attention of any fan. It’s very sturdy and well made by FOCO. I’ve never seen 2 teams represented on a bobble before so this is the first. In anticipation of the two teams playing each other, collector’s go nuts over this one. It’s a huge 10″ bobble and displays well on a desk or mantle. In my opinion Mr. Met is by far the most noticeable mascot of all MLB teams. The over sized baseball head and the fact that he’s got Mrs. Met by his side makes it unique.  Not much to say here so this is a sure fire 10.0 rating.