Bobble of the Day

Player: Mookie Betts

Team: Lowell Spinners

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

The first thing that needs to be addressed is Mookie Betts is the new rising star in the Big Leagues right now. Fuck Trout, Kris Bryant and Gary Sanchez. Mookie is the fucking man and it’s not because I’m a Red Sox fan but it’s true. This dude’s stats were off the charts this past season and given the fact that he racked up most of his stats batting leadoff cannot be overlooked. 

This Lowell Spinners bobble of Mookie is special because it’s the 1st Forever Collectibles bobble ever made of him. Mookie’s got a few Minor League SGA’s but considering FOCO is at the top of the game, this one is holds more value. Only 288 of these puppies were made and are very hard to come by. 

Mookie is decked out in his Spinners uniform that’s got a nice red pinstripe down the pant leg. The Lowell Spinners logo is all over the place including on his hat, left sleeve and on the base. I like the base because it shows part dirt, part grass which you don’t see a lot. Since he played so many positions while on the Spinners, who the hell knows what position he is playing on this bobble. I do not like the sticker on the front as expected, because it should be raised lettering to give it more of an authentic effect. 


img_2129  img_2130

Sniper Rating: Being this is the first FOCO bobble of Mookie, any fan should have this in their collection. Trust me, 15 years down the road you will regret not getting this as Mookie will be the face of baseball for a long frigging time. Minor League bobbles I believe hold more weight than a SGA at a MLB game. So get on this one before it’s to late. Whether you’re a Sox fan or not, this one needed to be in your collection yesterday. Period. Mookie and his first official FOCO bobble gets a 9.0.