Bobble of the Day

Player: Mike Trout 

Team: Los Angeles Angels

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles (Angels “Bobble of the Month”)

Shame on me for not doing of “Bobble of the Day” on the best baseball player in the game thus far. Trout should have had his own spot locked in already as a BOTD so that’s on me. I mean, how can anyone not even have at least one Bobble of Mike Trout in his or her collection? 

This Trout bobble falls into the debatable series of the “Bobble of the Month” category. The Angels thankfully did a whole series of Trout Bobbles of the Month in 2015. This one stands roughly 11 inches and the detail is beyond insane. Mike himself is standing in a boat catching a “Trout” fish. How fitting right? He’s got the fishing gear on with Angels colors, he’s holding the fishing rod and most importantly, he just caught a fresh Trout fish. The detail is phenomenal as the manufacturer added a tad bit of water underneath his boat as an added effect. I never got my hands on all of the Trout Bobbles of the Month that the Angels came out with, but I needed this one in my collection specifically. After all, it’s Mike Fucking Trout standing in a boat catching a trout!

Sniper Rating: The colors, the lettering on his jersey, the fact that he’s not wearing a baseball hat (which would look stupid on this bobble) and the whole fishing theme makes this highly collectible. I don’t care if you hate the Angels or not. Down the road when this fucking dude breaks every offensive record in the game of baseball you will be pissed you didn’t scoop this up when you had the chance. By far, Mr. Trout is the next generational player for many years to come. Must, Must, Must have in your collection. Mike and his fishing boat get a 10.0 rating.