Bobble of the Day

Player: Mike Piazza

Team: New York Mets

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Big Mike getting inducted into the Hall of Fame this past year is the equivalent of the birth if your first child. EVERYONE in the world was happy to see this legend get in. Even if you aren’t a Mets fan, you were ecstatic for him. I happened to be up there a few weeks after the induction ceremony and Cooperstown was still buzzing about him and Griffey getting in. I also happened to sneak around to a few memorabilia shops and scored a bunch of these exclusive Piazza Hall of Fame bobbles.

So this one is the cream of the crop of Piazza bobbleheads. The first thing that pops on this one has to be the Cooperstown Hall of Fame logo that sits smack dead on the top of the base. After all, it’s got America’s colors of red, white and blue with a baseball! The outline of the base has a thin red trim on the way bottom and right above is a dark blue. I’m glad Piazza’s name is in the color white as it’s very visible but the fact that it’s a sticker is a major downfall. FOCO, what would it cost you folks to add some raised letters? An extra dollar to each bobblehead made? C’mon! Especially, for this type of caliber player nevertheless a player who getting inducted into the Hall of Fame for crying out loud! Anyway, the pose Mike is in, portray’s his signature homerun swing which is bad ass. The pants looks sharp with the blue stripe down the side and matching blue belt. 

I also like the fact FOCO added some detail to make up for the sticker mishap by putting wrist bands on Mike and the number #31 which collector’s can clearly see. The helmet, face and go-tee are on point as it does look like Piazza. 



Sniper Rating: Overall, this is considered a “special” bobble and I don’t use the term to often. It’s history. It’s sentimental if you lived and died by Piazza in a Mets uniform. Limited to only 504 made, this HOF bobble without question scores a strong 9.0. It would’ve scored a perfect 10 if it wasn’t for the shitty stickers FOCO cut corners on. Shoot me a line if you need one of these because the well is running dry as I only have a few left.