Bobble of the Day

Player: Marcus Allen 

Team: USC Trojans (SGA)

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Unknown

This is the second football “Bobble of the Day” blog as this one just came out a few weeks ago. Here we have a Marcus Allen USC Trojans “1981 Heisman Trophy” Winner bobble given out to the first 35,000 fans on September 10th versus Utah State. This is a must have SGA in your collection make no question about it. Number one is because colleges rarely give bobbleheads out to fans. Number two is because it’s USC. USC is a highly recognizable school that puts players in the pro’s faster than Reggie Bush can move his parents into a new house his senior year without paying for it. Number three is because Marcus Allen was fucking nasty at USC and went on to a Hall of Fame career in the NFL. Number four is because not only is the bobble cool, but the box is fresh as hell. They could have stuck Marcus in a shitty plain ole white box but they didn’t. They made it colorful and added photo’s of him and stats on certain sides of the box. In addition, USC has some sick fucking colors and the gold and maroon is splattered all over the box. I cannot find anywhere on the box where it shows who the manufacturer is but whoever made it did a very good job. The face looks just like Marcus, the colors are bright on his uniform and his pose is fucking boss. I love how they added the helmet on the turf of the base as well. 

Sniper Rating: Anytime there’s a top college giveaway being a bobblehead no matter what sport, you go and get it. Big time schools don’t need to give away bobbles in order to sell more tickets to get people through the gates. You think USC needed more fans to come to this game? Fuck no. They did it because it’s a marketing tactic and it’s the season opener and it’s a great idea. Overall, great idea, awesome bobble with bright colors, a dope box and even a better player. This is a sure fire 8.5.