Bobble of the Day

Player: Manu Ginobili 

Team: San Antonio Spurs

Year: 2005

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

Manu has been flying under the radar for years as Tony Parker and Tim Duncan have taken the spotlight during their Championship runs. What people don’t realize is that Manu was a huge part of the Spurs success. Without the Argentinian, the Spurs would have not beaten the Pistons in the 2005 season to win the title. 

This 2005, Championship series is so hard to find. If you surf Ebay long enough you may be able to complete the set but your going to play a hefty price tag for sure. I dig this Manu a lot because of one thing. The arm raise. It just shows power. It shows control. Any Spurs fan needs this one in their collection. The base is unique as it’s a mixture of silver and gold combined together. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s got the year they won it (2005) along with the NBA log on a basketball. The words “Champions” is splattered right in from top the base on RAISED letters! Hell ya! And of course it’s got the Spurs logo on the right corner. The trophy is pretty basic as well as the white shorts and jersey Manu’s is rocking. The facial features cannot be more on point as it looks like Manu with his long face. In addition, FOCO put a nice full length of hair on Manu before he started balding very poorly. 


img_2803-1  img_2804-1

Sniper Rating: All signs point to a strong rating on Mr. Ginobili.  Without a doubt he’s going to the Hall of Fame one dyad deservingly so. The bobble is hard to find which makes it a gift if you can find it. The box is definitely a plus with the various blue colors and the NBA logo all around. Any NBA fan NEEDS this in their curio as Manu has played in a great era of basketball and at times he’s been seen as underrated. A true Hall of Famer as Manu’s 2005 Championship bobble scores a 9.5.