Bobble of the Day

Player: Manny Ramirez

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2009

Manufactuer: P2 P Squared

You’d think being a Red Sox fan I would do a Boston Bobble of the Day on Manny but no. This LA Dodger one seals the deal for me. Even though this bobble depicts Manny hitting a grand slam into the left field bleachers I was happy for him. And that’s why I got the bobble. As a pinch hitter Manny goes to the on deck circle to hear the roar of the Dodger faithful. He clears the bases and the rest is history. He takes his curtain call and soon after the bobble was created. July 22nd 2009. 

The bobble is dope for many reasons. The obvious dreadlocks add crazy detail and the base is definitely spot on as he’s standing on the dugout steps as he was taking his curtain call for the monster fucking blast he hit. The pine tar on the helmet creates a “real game” feeling. 

Sniper rating: I’ve never heard of the manufacturer ” P2 or P Squared” but whoever the hell they are, they did great work on this one. This is a must have for any Dodger fan. The facial features actually look like Manny so we’re going to go with a strong 8.0 on this one. 

Luckily for Dodger fans, I don’t recall Manny doing any “Manny” things in a Dodger uniform. I guess he used it all up for the Red Sox and when he went over to play in China.