Bobble of the Day

Player: Madison Bumgarner 

Team: San Francisco Giants 

Year: 2012 SGA 

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Promotions (AGP)

The Giants handed out this Madbum SGA back in 2012. We all know how good Madbum is. He’s legit. Seems like every single year this dude’s got an E.R.A under 2.00. I think all would agree that Bumgarner is slightly under Kershaw as the best in the bigs. That being said, this bobble is a big disappointment. First off, the entire stance and position of both of his arms makes this a very wide bobble which is not good(I’ll explain later). The pitchers mound base is very cheap looking. It looks nothing like a pitchers mound let alone brown dirt. The sponsor emblem PG&E is way to tall and is very easy to crack off. I’ve owned 4 of these since 2012 and 3 out o 4 came with the sponsor logo cracked. It’s an awful placement and an overall shitty looking logo. 

The uniform is the off-white color which looks cool. The facial hair on Madbum looks dope but his face does not resemble him at all. On to the stance, couldn’t the Giants have made a better stance for Madbum’s first bobble? His arms waving makes this very difficult to display in a cabinet. I have a major gripe with this. When I first picked up the box I could barely palm it as it’s way to long. 

Sniper Rating: I really dig Madbum as a pitcher but this bobble of him deserves more. The box is way to big, his stance is way to wide to display and his face doesn’t resemble him. SF fans deserve better than this. The logo emblem is garbage and overall a big disappointment. Great player, awesome colors, shitty design and basically a terrible bobble in my opinion. Sorry SF fans. 4.0 rating on this one. 

P.S. Hopefully one day the Giants will make one of Madbum getting into a scuffle with Puig.