Bobble of the Day

Player: Kris Bryant

Team: Chicago Cubs

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

I know I’m gonna catch a lot of bullshit from you Snipers because I disliked almost ALL of the Chicago Cubs World Series bobbles, as FOCO oversaturated the market with them. But let me tell you something, this one is different. 

Bryant is by far the best player on the reigning World Series Champions and this is the SICKEST Cubs “Exclusive” FOCO has come out with.

Why I dig this exclusive so much is the fact that there’s history behind it. Between Wrigley Field and Fenway Park being the oldest and most historic stadium’s in the Major Leagues, any baseball fan can identify the green ivy in the outfield. 

Bryant is absolutely covered in bright green ivy as he should. Wrigley is a place on everyone’s bucket list including mine to watch a game! Bryant, is standing at 12 inches tall and holding up the famous World Series trophy. He’s screaming out loud as the diehard Cubbie faithful finally won the title. The base is thick as hell and has a “brick” design to it which is ridiculous. The words, “Wrigley Field” is written in cursive letters on top of the brick wall and looks very professional. The circular Cubs logo is stuck right on the ivy wall and is almost an inch thick!

Now to the green ivy. The green ivy makes this bobblehead. Hands down. I am absolutely clueless on how our friends over in China hand painted the curvy ivy all over the place. When holding the bobble in hand, it’s down right fascinating! FOCO could have designed the ivy just on top of the base and called it a day but no. These dudes have the ivy growing on Bryant’s legs and up to his chest! 






Sniper Rating: Get it, get it, get it! Enough said. The Fidget Spinner is disgustingly detailed with all 3 blades covered in bright green ivy with a light redish color around the perimeter. The box has a good size to it and there’s a dope black and white photo of Bryant. There’s also little vines of ivy creeping around all sides of the box which is the highest of detail. Finally, on the back, Bryant’s name and number is displayed with ivy covering the brick wall. 

My only gripe on this exclusive, is I wish FOCO made Bryant’s name plate a little larger and got rid of some of the ivy on the front part of the base. His name is raised letters but I’d like it if it was bigger so his name stands out a bit more. 

Overall, this is the KING of Chicago Cubs World Series bobbleheads. Given the height and amazing detail, this bobble will turn heads when viewed in your collection without question. This “Special Edition” bobble scores another 10.0.