Bobble of the Day

Player: Ken Griffey Jr.

Team: Inland Express 66ers

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Promotions (AGP)

So, I had my buddy grab me one of these Griffey’s this past summer out in Cali. My bro told me the lines were a mile down the street and it just so happened to be 96 degrees out. I’m talking sweltering fucking hot. I sure as hell am glad I wasn’t there but props to the diehard fans that went to score this beauty. 

There’s so many great things about this bobble I don’t know where to begin. Griffey’s stance is absolute boss as he’s taking his patent Homerun cut. The uniform is extremely detailed with raised lettering and I love how AGP put the red batting gloves on. It looks exactly like Griff and the black eye liner is an added plus. And of course, the backwards hat look that Griffey invented. The base is what stands out the most. It has a rusty brown color with lettering “The Kid” and two bats crossing. The base reminds me of the Hall of Fame up in Cooperstown as it has the “Vintage” look. 


img_2116  img_2117

Sniper Rating: For a minor league bobble, this takes the cake. AGP put a lot of time into this one. My only negative I have on this, is it’s a bit to small for my liking. It barely reaches 5 inches. I know it was cost effective to make a shorter bobble for fans but we’re talking about Griffey here! The box is well colored and detailed. This past summer when Griffey got inducted, a lot of teams did giveaways of him. Out of all of them, this is the one you want. I tend to believe Minor League bobbles hold more value than MLB ones and only go up in price as time goes on. The Kid gets a 8.0 on this. If it was 2 inches taller we’d be talking about a 9.0.