Bobble of the Day

Player: Ken Griffey Jr. 

Team: Seattle Mariners 

Year: 2010 The ’95 Slide SGA 

Manufacturer: BD&a

I looked through the gazillion Griffey bobbles I own and it was tough to pick one out to do a blog on. I decided to go with “The Slide” when Griffey scored on Edgar Martinez’ double vs the Yankees in the 1995 playoffs. Mariner nation claims it’s the most historic play in Mariner history. 

Sponsored by FSN, this bobble resembles the exact play in which Griff scored on. The colors are cool as shit and the stance of the slide is spot on. The mouth is hard to replicate as it really doesn’t look like the Kid. Another kick ass feature is the background of his teammates jumping out of the dugout in celebration. 

Sniper rating: This Griffey bobble is dope as hell. Very epic moment and who in their 30’s did not grow up rooting for Ken Griffey Jr.? No one. Everyone loved his swag and he invented the New Era backwards baseball cap. The moment he wore his cap backwards during BP and the Homerun Derby the trend started. He’s a Hall of Famer. He was the best player in Mariners history. He’s the Kid. And he’s got one of the best SGA’s of all time. Without a doubt a must have bobble and it gets a 9.5 rating. Would be a sure fire 10 but the face is a little shaky.