Bobble of the Day

Player: Jennie Finch

Team: San Francisco Giants 

Year: 2010 SGA

Manufacturer: Alexander Global Productions (AGP)

I like how the Giants did a bobble giveaway for Jennie. She is the best all-time softball player on the face of the Earth. Let alone the fact that she’s a certified bombshell, this a cool bobble. Given out during the 2010 season, this was a sure fire hit amongst the SF fans. The pitchers mound base is sick and the detail within her jersey is well done. The facial features are spot on and her wind-up stance like she’s pitching is legit.

Sniper rating: Considering this is the first ever woman Bobble of the Day rating, this one will get a high score. Does this get a high ranking because she’s a hot? Yes. Does this get a high rating because it’s Jennie Finch? Yes. Is the overall quality and attractiveness likable on this bobble? Yes. It’s a slam dunk bobble and you need to get it. You should have gotten it yesterday. Jennie is getting a 9.0 on this one. If she was in a Red Sox uniform she’d get a 10+++++++¬†