Bobble of the Day

Mascot: Firefighter Bird

Team: Baltimore Orioles

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So the O’s did a line of the “Bobble of the Month” bobbles back in 2015 and were only available at the Camden Yards team store. I think the days of the “Bobble of the Month” program are long gone for most teams so if you didn’t get the chance to score a set here or there, then you better dig deep in your wallet because on the secondary market like Ebay, they are VERY pricey. Which they should be. If you weren’t on the top of your game and passed on getting each one every month then it’s your loss. I was fortunate enough to score multiples of each month so if you’re looking for a specific one hit me up.

Now let’s rap about this Firefighter Bird bobble. This was the June 2015 Bobble and it’s a beauty. Words cannot describe how much detail is in this one. What pops out the most is the fire hydrant and the thick hose the Bird is holding. What a great f’n idea right? There’s a huge puddle of water that he’s standing on as well as coming out of the hose. The firefighter jacket is spot on with the all black look with yellow stripes going across. The helmet matches the jacket and on the front lies a “Baltimore Orioles” sticker which is a fresh look. 



Sniper Rating: Who doesn’t like the Bird dressed up as a firefighter? This is a theme based bobble and you don’t see these often. Baltimore’s finest is ready to throw some water on top of the fire and save the day. For an Oriole fan this NEEDS a space in your Curio Cabinet. Period. The Bird as a firefighter scores a 9.5.