Bobble of the Day

Player: Dennis Rodman

Team: Chicago Bulls 

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

The fucking worm man. Who doesn’t like this guy? He’s the worm! He’s wacky, he fucks a lot and he’s pissed off every offensive player who went up against him. He’s remembered most by grabbing every board imaginable. 

The Chicago Bulls haven’t produced to many retail bobbles as of late so this one is special. First off, the eye catching feature is the all red warmup suit Dennis is rocking. It’s flashy and it makes the 3X time NBA championship trophies shine like crazy! You can honestly make a case that MJ definitely needed the Worm’s help to win all of those championships they won. Without a solid rebounder and defender in the paint would make it immensely difficult to win those rings. 

The base is nice and wide and has a sticker emblem that displays the 1996, 1997 and 1998 NBA World Champs. The Bulls logo is splattered right on the top which looks killer. The sneakers he;s wearing actually look like Jordan’s but I’m not 100% sure they are. Either way they look dope as hell. The gold trophies say enough as they are bright and they shine which is a must have on this bobble. 



Sniper Rating: I love everything about this bobble and the facial features look like Rodman. The dyed blond hair is an added plus. His name in front are raised black letters which is killer. Overall, Rodman was a player that everyone knew. Was he flashy? No. Was he a go to scorer? No. But any fan would pay top price for a ticket to watch simply with MJ and Pippen. Lastly, get this one in your collection. Lately, Dennis has stayed under the radar but it’s only a matter of time until he surfaces and does something crazy in this whacky society. 

The worm and his 3X NBA Champ bobble scores a 9.0.

Look at this fucking guy.