Bobble of the Day

Player: David Ortiz (Final Season)

Team: Boston Red Sox

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

The send off of legendary players started with Mariano Rivera to Derek Jeter and now David Ortiz. The Red Sox titled Big Papi’s 2016 campaign as the “Final Season” and rightfully so. This is what makes this bobble so special. It was Ortiz’s Final Season in what should be an automatic shoe in for the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

I want to mention first and foremost that this bobblehead is a sneaky one. I had to dig high and low for this. There’s some slapdick on Ebay that is selling this and I won’t get into to much detail but the guy is a prick. I didn’t buy it from him but I had to do a massive search and finally scored more than a handful them. I can’t reveal my sources but this one wasn’t easy to get. 

So, this bobble is signature Ortiz. What stands out first is his famous “Point to the Sky” after he jacks a 3 run-homerun. Once he crosses home plate he pays tribute to God and points right to the sky. The uniform is very detailed and Big Paip’s face looks extremely life like. The base is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time. Instead of a standard square or rectangle or even circle base, it looks like there’s a million fucking angles. The back part is square but the sides and front have a pointy like figure to it. It’s so unique I can’t even explain it. The top of the base has Ortiz pointing to the sky with his name and number and the words, “Final Season” right in front. There’s a aqua color background near the top which offsets the rest of the colors. And of course on the way way bottom of the base is outlined in gold. 



Sniper Rating: I love Big Papi and I love the Red Sox. Of course I’m going to love this bobble. How could you not like Big Papi after what he’s done for the city of Boston after the Boston Marathon bombing and his 3 World Championships. The dude is a legendary icon in that city and forever will be. I know there’s going to be assholes that connect him with steroids but go fuck yourself. He never got suspended over them and yes, people did look the other way but it is what it is. Plain and simple. Historical player, forever an icon and a bad ass bobble of Mr. Ortiz in his “Final Season”. Big Papi scores a 9.0.

PS- He’d get a 10.0 rating if his name was on the front of the base in of course raised lettering. His name should be there as I’m not sure why it’s not.