Bobble of the Day

Character: Cousin Eddie

Team: Kane County Cougars 

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Success Promotions

I don’t need to tell you that the movie Christmas Vacation is epic. You should know it. Between Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie cracking jokes, it’s a sure fire way to make your holiday full of cheers. I’ve been waiting for any team “Minor League or Major League” to come out with a Cousin Eddie bobble. Once I saw that the Kane County Cougars were handing them out I got goose bumps. I’m not even kidding.

So Cousin Eddie is in his bathrobe and wearing his trooper hat as it’s cold as fuck out. The bobble is replicating the scene where Cousin Eddie is cleaning out the drains as there’s all types of shit clogged up. Just an overall EPIC scene. He’s got a fat cigar in his mouth and of course a cold beer in hand. He’s probably ass naked underneath the robe but it’s a good thing he’s got his black high socks and black boots on.



Sniper Rating: The Kane County Cougars did well on this one. I love the circular base with the Cougars logo dead smack on top. The lower part of the base is a gold color around the perimeter and it’s got white raised letters against a navy blue backing. Very good quality to say the least and his face looks quite like the character in the movie. As an added plus, the Cougars threw in some chest hair to show how much of a goon Eddie is. 

Cousin Eddie scores a solid 9.0. A few suggestions would be a colored box with some Eddie photographs and I would LOVE it if Success Promotions put his name “Cousin Eddie” on the back of the base. That would have been bad ass but it is what it is.