Bobble of the Day

Player: Clayton Kershaw (Real Jersey)

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So last year FOCO came out with a line of bobbleheads where players are fitted in real “cloth” jerseys. At first, I thought this is a very creative idea. It really does feel like a real material based jersey. One has to understand that companies that produce bobbleheads year after year have to come up with new ideas. Each years set up bobbles cannot be similar to previous years. There has to be change. I applaud Forever Collectibles on this idea as it’s very unique.

They only came out with 8-10 players for this specific series and it was a good idea because these did not sell well. All over the internet and on Ebay you can find these willingly. This Kershaw in particular has him in a stance replicating ready to throw a seed to home plate. The base is a standard shit brown color and of course the lettering of Kershaw’s name is slapped on with a sticker. I HATE THE STICKER LETTERING. It looks cheap and not authentic. Also, FOCO made the players in this series a larger size as they are 10 inch bobbles. Kershaw’s hair looks pretty cool but his skin color is way to light. He looks like a ghost for god’s sake. 

The main highlight on this one is the cloth jersey. It’s okay and it doesn’t wow me like I thought it would. It’s pretty flimsy in texture but thank god it’s glued pretty tight to the body.

Sniper Rating: Overall, this is an okay bobble. Very few people bought this one which means it’s not very popular with collector’s. I didn’t buy any other players except for Kershaw because I wanted to see and feel it in person. This could quite possibly be raffled off in a monthly giveaway as I don’t mind parting with it. I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. It’s eh in my book. Given the fact that it’s probably the first bobble I own that has a real cloth jersey material brings the rating up a tad. We’ll go with a 6.5 on this Clayton Kershaw real “cloth” jersey bobble.