Bobble of the Day

Player: Chipper Jones

Team: Richmond Braves

Year: 2002 SGA 

Manufacturer: ?

The Richmond Braves are a farm system team for the Atlanta Braves. We all know Chipper made his Hall of Fame career on the Braves. Although he was never well liked throughout the league he did put up solid numbers to make him a Hall of Famer. For what ever reason this Minor League bobble is quite rare. Not to many pop up on eBay and I couldn’t tell you how many were handed out on August 3rd of 2002. I dislike this one to the highest heavens. The stance is very standard and there’s nothing exciting at all about it. It’s boring. It’s stupid. It looks nothing like Chipper. His hat is flared up like a fruitcake and the entire face looks nothing like him at all. Very poor job by the manufacturer and I don’t even know who designed it. 

Sniper rating: If you’re a Braves fan and diehard collector I suppose this belongs in your collection. Considering not many show up on a regular basis, this SGA falls into the category of “rare”. I guess the only positive about this Chipper bobble is the fact that is a little heavier than most which makes it pretty sturdy. Overall, very disappointed and this is getting a weak 3.0 rating. Sorry Braves fanatics.