Bobble of the Day

Player: Charles Woodson

Team: Michigan Wolverines

Year: 2014

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

This is a one of a kind bobblehead. This limited release of Charles Woodson holding a rose in his mouth after winning the Rose Bowl in 1998 was an epic moment in college football. Woodson was the Heisman Winner that year and the Wolverines went 11-0.  

Forever Collectibles did a very superb job on this one. The base is sick with the logo “M” with Charles Woodson splattered right in front. The contrast of the yellow base and navy blue lettering stands out tremendously. The yellow pants with the navy blue jersey and the mini logo of “M” is on the top left of his leg. I love the white arm ties that he has on and of course the navy blue gloves. FOCO didn’t stop there. He’s holding his helmet which add so much character to depict him still on the field celebrating with the Wolverine faithful. And now comes the rose. What a bad ass feature! He won the Heisman, he was the best corner in college football and now he’s got the bright red rose with the colorful green stem in his mouth. Total kick ass. These sold out fast and is only limited to 200. 

Sniper Rating: Everyone loves Charles Woodson. Whether your a college football fan or and NFL type a guy, there’s not one bad thing to say about this dude. Every team he’s been on he’s a leader. There’s no denying that. This limited release bobble given it’s color combinations, detail on the base, intrinsic helmet feature and of course the Rose, leads to a 9.5 rating. I’m being picky here but on the back of the base, if it said, “Rose Bowl Champions” this would get a stand up 10.0 rating.