Bobble of the Day

Player: Cam Newton

Team: Carolina Panthers

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles

So the Bobblehead Hall of Fame made an exclusive Cam Newton “Dab” bobble in late summer and it was a fresh as hell one. An exclusive company made this one and it’s very similar to the white jersey version one. Cam’s standing rocking his famous “Dab” pose and wearing Carolina’s baby blue colored jersey. The silver shiny pants look dope as hell as they match the silver lining in his jersey near the shoulder. The biggest difference in this Cam “Dab” bobble is the base. The color combinations of a dark charcoal/black sit nice on the base. In raised letters, it says, “Cam” in huge letters and right under it imprints “Carolina Panthers”. 



Sniper Rating: Similar to the one Bobblehead Hall of Fame made, the only real difference is the dark base and the different colored jersey and pants. I would actually pay big bucks if this one came as a 12 incher! Now that would look fresh sitting on a mantle with a fire going in late December. Cam’s having an off year this season but it doesn’t affect his signature “Dab” pose. Therefore, this exclusive “Dab” bobble scores a 7.5.