Bobble of the Day

Player: Cam Newton

Team: Carolina Panthers 

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Manufacturer’s have gone ballistic over who can come up with the most unique Cam bobble. You have the dab in two different versions and you have his first crazy bobble which is the “Superman” Cam bobble. 

This one came out back in 2000? as Cam literally called himself Superman and when he scored a TD he would pretend open his jersey like Superman does. Is it cocky? Yes. Is it a douche bag move? Yes. Have other players in different sports already done this? Yes. Overall, the meaning is stupid but the bobble is cool as shit. Right off the bat you notice the arms and hands opening up the coat to show off his #1 on his Panther jersey. The color combinations of gray, pink, black, white and baby blue add a lot of flavor to this one. The base is in the shape of a panther which is an added twist. And yes, the letters of Cam Newton in white are raised on the front which I commend to the highest heavens. 


img_2834  img_2835

Sniper Rating: Cam gets a bad rap a lot for his actions and rightfully so. He, at times, can be a pompous asshole which fans hate. But one thing anybody can hate on is this “Superman” Cam bobble. It just screams winner and the fact that he has the Clark Kent glasses on makes this an absolute must have regardless of the price of it. Overall, a great player that needs an attitude adjustment but an even better exclusive bobblehead. Superman Cam scores a 9.0