Bobble of the Day

Player: Cam Newton “Dab”

Team: Carolina Panthers

Year: 2016

Manufactuer: Forever Collectibles 

So the Bobblehead Hall of Fame over in Wisconsin came up with the Cam “Dab” Bobble. I was fortunate enough that my bro Phil Sklar hooked me up with one. It’s a great idea. The “Dab” has gone viral the past two years that Cam himself invented. You can see Cam demonstrate his signature “Dab” after a touchdown. We’ll first discuss the bobble then address Cam the person/player.¬†

The bobble is as fresh as they come. Both of his arms bobble which is essential for this one. Cam’s head is lowered to depict the actual “Dab” movement. So I guess this is considered a 3 part bobblehead. The base is the actual logo of the Panthers which is unique in itself. The fellas over at the Bobble Hall of Fame did this one right and it’s very limited to only 504. Cam’s facial features are on point as it looks just like him.

On to Cam himself. Many people have their opinions of Cam. Is he cocky? Yes. Is he a show boat? Yes. Is he a leader? Yes. Is he a great NFL player? Yes. Does he care for children and contribute in the community? Yes. Is he a dick? Maybe. Does he rub people/players he plays against the wrong way? Yes. Does he whine on the sidelines like a little bitch? Yes. 

I never liked him coming out of Auburn. I think that players that come out of college have to prove themselves prior to becoming a cocky son of a bitch. I’m starting to warm up to him little by little. Do I like his actions on the field? No. He warms me up though when I see him hand the ball to a little kid after scoring a TD. So as of right now I’m still on the fence with this guy.

Sniper Rating: This bobble is cool. Everyone loves the “Dab”. Little kids do the “Dab”, senior citizens do the “Dab”, coaches and players do the “Dab”. It’s a universal move. Rumor has it Cam will not be doing the “Dab” this season as he’s moving on to another move. I like the bobble but I’m on the fence with Cam himself. I think as his career moves along I’ll like him more and more. The bobble gets a 9.0. Cam gets a 5.0. We’ll call it a 7.0 overall. Have any of you Snipers ever dabbed?