Bobble of the Day

Cal Ripken Jr.

Team: Baltimore Orioles

Year: 2007 SGA

Manufacturer: BD&A

This is an all-time Stadium Giveaway of Cal Ripken Jr. 2,130 consecutive games played without sitting out one? No arm injury? No toe injury? Never feeling sick with a cold or having straight diarrhea? You fucking kidding me? No wonder he’s the Iron Man. I couldn’t pop a boner every day for a month straight, never mind play in over 2,000 Major League baseball games in a row.

The main aspect that stands out on this particular bobble is the brick warehouse standing tall on the back base. It’s fucking awesome. The number of games he’s played is plastered on the back. I love how BD&A had Cal just stand there with his right arm raised like a fucking boss. The facial features are spot on, the uniform is very detailed and the colors are bright.

Sniper Rating: I love this bobble. This one is my favorite Oriole’s SGA. The stance is fresh and the bobble just fits the accomplishment of playing that many games in a row. The Orioles had to make one of Cal as being the Iron Man. I don’t recall how many were given out back in 2007 but this one should be added to your collection immediately. Lastly, the box has bright colors, all of Cal’s stats on the back and the Oriole Bird logo sprayed on both sides of the box. Awesome SGA and Cal is getting a 9.0 on this one.