Bobble of the Day

Player: Buster Posey

Team: Florida State Seminoles 

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Forever Collectibles 

Sooooooooooooooo the Bobble of the Month surfaces again! The Giants just recently came out with a few tricks up their sleeve. In addition to this Buster Posey in his Florida State Seminoles gear, I see they’ve come out with a Javier Lopez in his Virginia Cavaliers uniform. 

I told myself I was done with the whole Bobble of the Month ordeal, but I had to snag this one. After all, it’s Buster Posey in his college uniform. I had no idea he even played ball at FSU. Anyway, Buster is standing firm with his FSU sweat pants on with some sandals as I would assume he is walking to practice. The Seminoles t-shirt he’s wearing is outlined in maroon stripes and has his #8 on the front. He’s got a ball in one hand and his BP bat in the other. Surfing is very popular in Florida so I assume that’s why Forever Collectibles added a dope surfboard nestled in some sand. There’s also a few palm trees sticking out from the back of the surfboard that bobble as they have two small springs. Very well detailed if you ask me. The base is kinda cool with the Florida State Seminoles logo smacked right in the middle. They went cheap O again and just put a lazy sticker as Buster’s name instead of raised lettering. We all know how much I hate the plain ole stickers. 


Sniper Rating: I dig this Bobble a lot but the timing is very weird. These just came out in early October. Why not spread the word and give it out during the season? Makes no sense. Also, this one is pricey as fuck. They get $79.99 per bobble plus tax and plus shipping. You’re looking at a Hundo for this one which is pretty crazy. Overall, I like the detail, I love the theme, I love the player but I don’t like the price. This random Bobble of the Month with Mr. Posey in his FSU gear gets a 8.5.