Bobble of the Day

Player: Bryce Harper

Team: Washington Nationals

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: BD&A

Harper won the MVP last season (2015) and dominated the game of baseball. His numbers were astronomical. 

Batting Average: .330

HR’s: 32

Hits: 172

RBI’s: 99

Runs Scored: 118

This SGA is as fresh as they come. I love how Harper’s giving the 3 fingers up after hitting a bomb as he’s running back to the dugout. It’s not just a standard swing or fielding position. It’s the MVP’s signature pose. The facial hair is on point and the MVP trophy plaque is an added bonus. Another positive about this one is the detail and paint job on the uniform. Very well done coordinating the colors on different parts of the uniform. 

Sniper Rating: This bobble is awesome. Every thing about it screams a winner to add to any collection but of course there’s one glitch. The price. If you weren’t fortunate enough to go to the Nats game on ??? to receive the bobble, you’re going to pay a steep price. Collectors in the D.C. area are not letting this one go for cheap. Typically, depending on the player or mascot, a SGA can usually be obtained for $20.00 to $45.00. This one is going anywhere from $45.00- $85.00. It’s not cheap. I think paid close to $50.00 for mine (and no it wasn’t given to me). Within few years this will become a hard to find bobble. If you truly want this one to add to your collection, I advise either trying to trade with another collector or just bite the bullet and put up the cash for it. It’s well worth it. Do not wait to long or you’ll end up paying $120.00 down the road. I can sense it. I know what I’m talking about. Bryce Harper’s MVP SGA is getting a sure fire 9.5 rating.