Bobble of the Day

Player: Bryce Harper (Gobblehead)

Team: Potomac Nationals 

Year: 2017

Manufacturer: Success Promotions 

So this is a hit or miss kind of bobblehead for 2 reasons. One, it’s of a phenom baseball player. Two, Bryce Harper is dressed up as a turkey for god’s sake. It’s weird in many ways but at the same time, unique enough to be considered a legit collector’s item. 

The overall theme is obviously based on Thanksgiving. Harper has colorful feathers on his back and a big ole turkey leg around his waist. He’s got the yellow turkey feet standing on top of the base. I do like the top hat he’s wearing as it adds some charm to the theme of the bobble.



Sniper Rating: A weird time of year for the Potomac Nationals to be giving this one out. Why not wait until September when it’s the start of the Fall season? Anyway, I’m still up in the air on this one. I do like that the manufacturer at least put a bat in his hand to give it a baseball feel.

Given the fact that Harper’s got funny feathers, turkey legs/arms, and the fact that this is a Thanksgiving themed bobble in mid May, Bryce Harper as the “Gobblehead” scores a 6.0.